Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vacation Day 4

Plan: fight with blogger until gadget showing status of silly little WIPs works
Time alotted: 1 hour
Time Spent: 10 minutes :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Holy crap!

Seriously I cannot beleive it is October and I am on VAY-CAY-TION for a week, Time to get lots of knitting done. Yay!

I started the day by working my my moms super secret christmas gift. Ok it's not THAT super secret but you never know. Its chugging along quite nicely. it's the second time I've knit the pattern and I like it. First time was in a tonal yarn with another tonal yarn striping. this time the whole damned thing is in Noro.

I also cast on this sweater in this yarn. I have an absolute love affair with Tanis Fiber Arts. Their yarns make me so happy to work with and to wear. This is my first tanis sweater, and I am already in LOVE with the way that the colours blend. Its not her most colourful yarn, but the deep green is a good semi-neutral alternative to the black sweater for work. Its so damned pretty! And I bought addis to do it on, and thank god for that since the super pointy points make knitting the little tiny lacey bits so LOVELY.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Look. A kitty in a sweater. I am a terrible pet owner.

THAT, to my left, is Schizo. He's a crazy idiot. He is mean, he is grumpy, he beats on the others, he steals food, he makes my life miserable.

But I like him anyways.

Its my birthday weekend. And tomorrow is the big day! Eee! I already got my presents from my fiance as he just sent me to the yarn store and said 'buy pretty yarn on sale. I don't know what you like.'

I gotta say throughout my life I've never liked this reaction. Buy what you like is not a thing I like to receive. It FEELS like a cop out, like the person does not care enough to learn what you like and what to buy you.

But for this birthday and my yarn obession, I love it. Fiance is smart enough to know that he can't pick me yarn. I am a yarn enigma. I like THIS green but not THAT green and I need that in sport weight, but if I go up a needle size and increase the pattern I can do it in DK! And I LOVE that yarn but what in the Zimmermans name would I make with it. And that is SO PRETTY but omg I can't touch it its itchy.

Yeah. I appreciate the 'Go spend what you want one the amazing 50% off sale they're having' a lot more than some sort of wrapped gift that I would be hoping was more yarn.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I suck at this blogging thing

Wow I was really going to be good about blogging but alas, epic fail on my part.

I think the last two weeks have been very busy for me, knitwise and also a bit of a slump. I finished the Ishbel Beret That I started over the labour day weekend, and then THREW myself into the Summerflies shawl. The beret is done in Tanis fibre arts blue label in Tidal, and the shawl is in a yellow Malabrigo silky merino.

I worked hard on the beret and it was the latest in a long string of projects that I knit up quickly, like in less than a week. And the summer flies might now have been too bad had I liked the edging, but I didn't so I am using an alternate one from Ravelry. This one incorperates the butterfly motif into the knitting.

But the shawl got so big so fast that every row is now 400 stitches and I have a hard time forcing myself to work on it. SO MUCH time for so LITTLE rows.

Add to that several WIPs sitting there, and I've been bouncing around not doing much. I HOPE against HOPE that come sunday things will get better. This sunday is my 27th birthday and I have great yarn expectations. I hope that having that new yarn will make me want to finish my current projects. In addition to that one shawl I have another two on the needles, as well as a Hat I just cast on, and a full blown sweater.

Gah! SO much knitting, so little time. But soon they'll be a lot more knitting time.

Monday, September 5, 2011

First Post Evar

So for the last six months I`ve turned, like clockwork, every long weekend to my fiance Acadian Boy and said 'I should start a blog' and like clockwork he has said 'Sure! Whatever makes you happy'. That phrase is occasionally followed by 'As long as you don't post embarrassing pics of me on said blog.

I don't think that one counts as tooo bad.

I keep wanting to start a blog about my passion in life, my knitting, and I keep putting it off. But things in my life are getting a little crazy so now felt like a good time.

What is this about? Knitting, duh. Yarn I use, patterns I use. I'm going to try to post some reviews for the last 5 projects this week, then keep it updated weekly about what I've been up to knitwise.

Happy days!