Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vacation Day 4

Plan: fight with blogger until gadget showing status of silly little WIPs works
Time alotted: 1 hour
Time Spent: 10 minutes :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Holy crap!

Seriously I cannot beleive it is October and I am on VAY-CAY-TION for a week, Time to get lots of knitting done. Yay!

I started the day by working my my moms super secret christmas gift. Ok it's not THAT super secret but you never know. Its chugging along quite nicely. it's the second time I've knit the pattern and I like it. First time was in a tonal yarn with another tonal yarn striping. this time the whole damned thing is in Noro.

I also cast on this sweater in this yarn. I have an absolute love affair with Tanis Fiber Arts. Their yarns make me so happy to work with and to wear. This is my first tanis sweater, and I am already in LOVE with the way that the colours blend. Its not her most colourful yarn, but the deep green is a good semi-neutral alternative to the black sweater for work. Its so damned pretty! And I bought addis to do it on, and thank god for that since the super pointy points make knitting the little tiny lacey bits so LOVELY.