Monday, September 5, 2011

First Post Evar

So for the last six months I`ve turned, like clockwork, every long weekend to my fiance Acadian Boy and said 'I should start a blog' and like clockwork he has said 'Sure! Whatever makes you happy'. That phrase is occasionally followed by 'As long as you don't post embarrassing pics of me on said blog.

I don't think that one counts as tooo bad.

I keep wanting to start a blog about my passion in life, my knitting, and I keep putting it off. But things in my life are getting a little crazy so now felt like a good time.

What is this about? Knitting, duh. Yarn I use, patterns I use. I'm going to try to post some reviews for the last 5 projects this week, then keep it updated weekly about what I've been up to knitwise.

Happy days!

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