Saturday, September 24, 2011

Look. A kitty in a sweater. I am a terrible pet owner.

THAT, to my left, is Schizo. He's a crazy idiot. He is mean, he is grumpy, he beats on the others, he steals food, he makes my life miserable.

But I like him anyways.

Its my birthday weekend. And tomorrow is the big day! Eee! I already got my presents from my fiance as he just sent me to the yarn store and said 'buy pretty yarn on sale. I don't know what you like.'

I gotta say throughout my life I've never liked this reaction. Buy what you like is not a thing I like to receive. It FEELS like a cop out, like the person does not care enough to learn what you like and what to buy you.

But for this birthday and my yarn obession, I love it. Fiance is smart enough to know that he can't pick me yarn. I am a yarn enigma. I like THIS green but not THAT green and I need that in sport weight, but if I go up a needle size and increase the pattern I can do it in DK! And I LOVE that yarn but what in the Zimmermans name would I make with it. And that is SO PRETTY but omg I can't touch it its itchy.

Yeah. I appreciate the 'Go spend what you want one the amazing 50% off sale they're having' a lot more than some sort of wrapped gift that I would be hoping was more yarn.

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